About the Game

The emblem design embodies harmony between nature and human. By three dynamic figures dancing together, it implies that Asian people live in harmony as a family, and share endless joy at the beach games.

Three features of sun, sand and sea for coast tourism are highlighted in order to position Haiyang as a coast tourism city in an appropriate way, and display the unique culture and charm of Haiyang as the host city of the 3rd Asian Beach Games.

The emblem design employs one magic line to outline three sports figures respectively representing beach volleyball, beach soccer and swimming, and at the same time looking like fire and sea, which displays the features of beach games in a vivid way. The postures of the three figures fully embody strength, passion and beauty, which represent athletes competing in games with their energy of youth and beauty of sports.

The yellow thick line beneath represents yellow beach, which together with the three sports figures and the brilliant sun above, constitutes a splendid vivid picture of the beach games, and displays passion, sunshine and fashion which are the unique charms of beach sports.

The main image of the emblem simulates the Chinese character “海”, which symbolizes Haiyang, China, the host city of the 3rd Asian Beach Games, and embodies coast feature of the beach games as well. The well-designed outline with one single line offers unique visual experience with artistic appeal.

The mascots of the 3rd Asian Beach Games are a set of three cartoon figures, whose names are Shasha, Yangyang and Haihai respectively. They take Phoenix, Sun and Dragon as prototypes to symbolize beach, sunshine and sea, imply a happy family of three people, signify the harmony of Asian people, “Share the Joy” and embody the spirit of Happy Sports.

The designing is inspired by the beautiful legend of Haiyang Phoenix Beach. Taking the phoenix as a prototype and applying the colour of sandy tawny, the overall image integrates the mascot and the legend artfully with passion and fashion, which is closely connected with the concepts of the 3rd Asian Beach Games “Sand and Sun, Passion and Fashion”.
The image, which is the little sun of the family, is lively and lovely. The colour of red as the rising sun is used to comply with the hosting concepts of the Games showing the regional characteristics of Haiyang, as well as the enthusiasm of Haiyang people.
The designing is originated from the idiom “Dragon and Phoenix Bring Prosperity”. The overall image takes dragon as the archetype with the colour of ocean blue, showing the close relationship between dragon and the sea, as well as the regional characteristics of Haiyang. The costume of the mascot is evolved from the costume of an opera of Haiyang Yangko “Le Da Fu”, expressing the folk cultural features and the joyful sense of life.